Kid-Proof Home Decorating Ideas

side table decor

Somewhere along the way, from carefree coupledom to “mommy, mommy, mommy,” you looked around and realized that your signature style (yes, you had one once) got lost in the padded trenches of parenthood. Good news! You can have a stylish living space without hyperventilating when you-know-who sets foot in the room. I interviewed three design [Read On]

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Monkey Themed Baby Stuff For Your Little Primate

Monkey baby stuff

Ten long fingers, ten long toes and one adorable face makes it easy to see why every mom goes bananas over her new baby. I say, go with your primal urges and pick up a few of my swingy favorites. 1. Monkey themed nurseries and gear abound, but I’m ape over the beachy keen twist [Read On]

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How the French Get Kids to Eat Leeks and Pâté

I’ll admit that I have never been a fan of the French. Call it American brain washing, social stereotyping or that I just haven’t rubbed elbows with enough countrymen. Though I love to travel like Paula Deen loves “buttah,” Paris, Provence and Cannes holds no allure for me. But color me intrigued when Pamela Druckerman, [Read On]

9 Gross Things Parents Do But Don’t Always Know It

Mom shares baby food with baby

Even the most germ-phobic moms are guilty of committing some of the grossest parenting sins. Sometimes, you don’t even know you’re committing them. Here are the nine grossest things parents commonly do, and the reasons you should reconsider doing them. 1. Using bulb syringe aspirators. Ever cut one of these babies open? Chances are if [Read On]

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Meeting Mr. Right

woman in love

The day is coming. Oh sure, maybe it’s a decade down the line, maybe, maybe if we’re lucky it will wait until year 14 or 15. But there will come a day when my little girls’ hearts will droop below their self-maligned chests over the inattention of a boy-man. And I will be crushed. Then [Read On]

How to Get Timeless Family Photos

Baby pictured in lifestyle photography shot

When I wanted to get photos of our first baby, then our second and then, our first family photos, I started looking for a photographer whose work was less posed and more photojournalistic. We wanted pics that captured moments and natural expressions – we wanted photos that told our family story and didn’t come with [Read On]

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