Budget Friendly Medicine Cabinet Makeover

If you look at the majority of medications in your medicine cabinet right now, you’ll probably be met with any number of health warnings and precautions. We decided several months ago that we wanted to avoid all of the potential hazards of common medications and began trading in many of our traditional remedies for home remedies. I’ll be the first to admit that we’re not quite there yet (and we’ll probably always keep a few over-the-counter options on hand for when we’re in a pinch), but we have made a number of changes to reduce our toxic intake via medicine.


Must-Have Natural Remedies for a Budget-Friendly Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-traditional medicine, and I go to the doctor as needed. However, we do try to limit the toxins in our home, and one of the primary ways we do this is reducing our intake of traditional medication. By opting for natural remedies instead of typical medications, you are at less risk for unnecessary side effects, have a better chance of actually improving your health and healing, and are less likely to develop a chemical dependency on a certain medication.
What Do You Need in Your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

Are you ready to overhaul your medicine cabinet? Follow my suggestions and you’ll be able to start your natural remedies collection without breaking your budget. As you make the change, pitch your most “offensive” medications and switch them out for gentler but just as effective alternatives.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Many people consider apple cider vinegar a relative “cure-all.” It treats everything from digestive issues to skin conditions and even cardiovascular concerns. It does so by regulating the pH in your body, so your system functions at a more optimal level. You can take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of water to treat any number of ailments.

2. Essential Oils

Another key element of a natural medicine cabinet is essential oils. When you’re just starting out, I suggest picking and choosing a few of the most versatile oils to add to your cabinet. By purchasing one to two oils at a time, you’ll be able to build up your collection without busting your budget. My favourites are peppermint, DigestZen, OnGuard, and lavender. These remedies help treat some of the most common household health concerns including upset stomach, common cold, skin conditions, and a number of others.

3. Honey

Honey is another one of those remedies that I like to have on hand all the time. It’s great for treating common ailments, like a sore throat or even allergies. Make sure you have local honey so that it’s effective for treating allergies that are common to your area. To treat a sore throat or allergies, take one to two tablespoons at least once a day.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another one of my go-to natural remedies. It’s great for treating bee stings, heartburn, acid reflux, and a variety of other ailments. For a bee sting or insect bite, make a paste with a little bit of baking soda and water and apply it to the affected area. For treating heartburn or reflux, dilute a one-half teaspoon of baking soda in water and slowly drink the solution.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is probably an item you already have in your medicine cabinet, so go ahead and hang onto it as long as it’s not expired. This remedy is useful for treating common conditions such as cuts, earaches, and other skin conditions. Apply a capful of the peroxide to the affected area and drain as necessary.

If you are trying to limit the toxins in your home, your medicine cabinet is a great place to start. Swap some of your typical over-the-counter medications for these natural alternatives, and you’ll be well on your way to a natural medicine cabinet on a budget!

What are your favourite budget-friendly natural remedies? Are you working on your own natural medicine cabinet makeover?