How To Be A More Focused And Productive Mom

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just have days where I can’t seem to stay focused or get anything done.

Days when I’d rather just look at cute baby stuff on Pinterest or curl up in a ball on the couch rather than get my work done.

And, you know what makes those days even more persistent?

When it’s rainy or gloomy outside. Geesh!

You’d think a spell had been put on me or something.

If you’re like me and have days that you really struggle getting focused and being productive check out these tips!

I won’t promise that they’ll fix everything, but I do guarantee they’ll help.


My best advice for being more productive as a mom

It is possible to regain your focus and be productive even on your least productive days.

Use these tips and you’ll be back on your way to getting things done, so you have a little extra time to.

Oh, I’ll let you decide how to use your free time. 😉


1. Create a list

Yep, I’ve mentioned it before, I’m definitely a list maker.

But, seriously, knowing exactly what you need to accomplish really will raise your productivity rate.

Once you’ve created your list, be sure to display it somewhere prominent (like right beside you at all times), so it’s hard to ignore.


2. Rank your tasks

Okay, so on days like these, it could be one of several things drawing your focus away.

You could be burnt out or physically tired, you might have a little one craving your attention, or you may just genuinely lack the motivation to get things done.

Really, in any of these cases, I think it’s okay to take a bit of time out for the day and just relax, get some extra rest, have some extra snuggles.

To help you make sure you accomplish what has to be done, though, rank your tasks.

I typically start my day by making a list of everything I can think of that I’d like to get done in no particular order. After I’ve made the list, I go back and prioritize the items.

Whatever must get done, gets labelled #1, #2 and so forth.

Then, I start with #1 and work from there.

By ranking the list, I’m able to accomplish the most important tasks and don’t feel so bad when I don’t get everything done.


3. Incentivize your work

Even as adults we need a little incentive once in a while.

So, after you’ve made your list. Set a goal and establish a reward for yourself.

Sometimes even just telling myself to get 3 things done on my list and I’ll get a cup of tea or cocoa is enough of an incentive for me.

Other times I have to up the anty a little bit and go for a reward like a 15-minute nap or a walk outside.


4. Set a timer (I recommend the Pomodoro technique)

If you’re really struggling, consider setting a timer.

Consider working for 30 minutes straight and then taking a quick break.

Set your timer and set aside the distractions, and get busy.

Be sure to set a timer on your breaks, too, so the timer doesn’t work against you.


5. Eliminate distractions

Whether it’s a television episode, your phone, social media, whatever, eliminate the distractions until you’re able to regain your focus.

I do better when I work in the office rather than elsewhere in the house.

Some days I also have to disconnect from my phone or even internet until I’m able to get a few things done, like writing or even cleaning.