Frugal Tips and Tricks to Stretch Your Wardrobe Budget

I’m not necessarily a fashion guru, but I do enjoy looking nice and put together. Even so, I’m not willing to sacrifice our budget for my wardrobe.

Instead, I use a few frugal tips and tricks to expand my wardrobe and stretch the budget I do have.

Whether you’re planning a wardrobe makeover, or just want a little update, you can also use these tips to get the most out of the clothes you have and the new ones you purchase.


How to Expand Your Wardrobe without Breaking Your Budget

Whether it’s the changing seasons or a big event, we all periodically want a wardrobe refresh. The only problem is that “refresh” can literally wreck your budget. If you’re sensible about what your purchase and how you use what you already have, though, you’ll be able to expand your wardrobe without breaking your budget.

1. Select Classic Basics

The key to making your wardrobe work for you is having clothing pieces that are versatile—that you can mix and match to create a variety of looks. To be able to mix it up like this, though, you need classic foundation pieces that are easy to put together. Think basic denim, classic khaki, sophisticated black, and other neutral to semi-neutral solids. I love this Wardrobe Basics Checklist.

The piece I selected from eShakti was the perfect Vintage Denim Chambray Dress. I’ll be able to wear this piece for years to come!

2. Choose Pieces That Are Custom-Fit

There’s nothing that’s more of a waste of money than buying something that doesn’t really fit. The problem with ill-fitting pieces is that you’ll not end up wearing them (as much as you would otherwise) if they don’t fit as well as they could.

I loved ordering with eShakti because not only was I able to pick a piece I loved right off the rack, but I was also able to customize it to fit me perfectly. I had the length adjusted so it reaches just above my knees, and I added sleeves so that I could wear it during more than just summer.

3. Focus on Quality over Quantity

This has been one of the most difficult lessons for me to learn. I’ve always been such the bargain shopper that I focused on getting more pieces even if they were of less quality. While I still bargain shop, I focus more on getting high quality pieces at a great price now instead of just getting as many items as I can for the lowest price.

That’s another thing I love about eShakti.

When I purchase from this site, I know I’m getting a high quality, custom piece that will last. The construction and fabric used in the dress I selected is spot-on, so I’m positive it will last a long time.3 frugal tips and tricks to help you stretch your wardrobe budget. Use these tips to expand your wardrobe without breaking the bank!

It’s not always easy to create a fashionable wardrobe on a budget, but it is possible. Use these frugal tips and tricks to guide your fashion choices, and you’ll be well on your way to a versatile wardrobe without breaking your budget.

Want to experience the classic design, personal customization, and high quality construction of eShakti for yourself? Great! Happy shopping!