Improve Your Health Naturally with Essential Oils

I’ve found that one of the biggest reasons people don’t do more to improve their health is that they don’t feel that they have the knowledge to do so. That is especially true when it comes to improving health naturally. It’s my goal every time I share a post to empower you with the knowledge to make a positive change in your life, whether it be a change that involves your finances, personal relationships, professional endeavours, or even your health. One of the ways that we’ve been able to improve our health naturally is through the use of essential oils.

Don’t get all weirded out on me just yet. No, we’re not hippies and we don’t plan to go live with the earth anytime soon. However, we have seen significant improvements in our stress level and overall health by using a few simple oils on a regular basis, and I know you can, too! So, first things first…


What Are Essential Oils?

By definition, essential oils are the “natural aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.” You’ll most often recognize essential oils by their powerful and delicious fragrance. Think lavender, citrus, or even fresh mint. But, it’s not just the scent that makes these oils valuable. Essential oils also have a variety of health applications. In fact, essential oils provide important disease-fighting properties.

Essential oils have been used for centuries by cultures throughout history. Today, the modern scientific study supports the claims to the benefits of more holistic wellness approaches, so you can be comfortable using these natural remedies in addition to your typical health practices to improve your overall wellness. I’ve done my own research and found that the three major benefits of essential oils, at least therapeutic grade oils like doTerra, include the ability to treat a number of different ailments, avoid the side effects of modern medication to at least some extent, and immediate results in many cases.

How Can You use Essential Oils?

Depending on the oils you buy and their purpose or use, you’ll want to apply the oils in any number of ways. In most cases, you can use oils in one of three ways. Be sure to do you research, though before applying or using oil to determine the oils appropriate application style.

1. Apply Directly to Skin

Many oils can be applied directly to a skin site. One oil that I love to apply directly to my skin is lavender. It’s perfect for relieving dry, irritated, and itchy skin and can be applied diluted with coconut oil or another carrier oil or with any dilution. Depending on the purpose of the oil you are using, you may apply oil to the exact site where you’re experiencing pain (like your stomach), or you may use a transfer site (like your feet). Your oil should specify its directed use, and you can always find a guide for specified use by doing a quick search online.

2. Consume Internally

If you are using oil for internal use, you can use a couple of different options. If you’re up for the intensity of flavour you’ll receive with this method, you can apply the oil to your tongue and swallow. One I do this with frequently is peppermint. It helps calm the stomach, freshens breath, and improve energy. If you can’t “stomach” the taste or are taking a stronger oil, you’ll want to deposit the oil in a veggie capsule and take it like a pill or vitamin. Again, be sure the oil you are taking is intended for internal use and consider your personal taste/tolerance threshold.

3. Diffuse in the Air

Diffusing oil is one of my favourite ways to use essential oils. We just got a great aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. With this option, you fill the diffuser with water and a couple of drops of your favourite oil, and let the oil perfume the air and improve your health. (Don’t have a diffuser? No worries. Place a pot on the stove, and set it to a medium temperature. Add your oils, and you’ll get the same effect as the water boils and releases its water vapour.)

Essential oils are revolutionary in that they deliver the most pungent levels of the beneficial ingredients in seeds, plants, barks…These oils have tapped into a previously unavailable level of health improvement. We’ve had great results with include lemon, lavender, peppermint, DigestZen, cinnamon, and a number of others.

If you want to improve your health naturally, you really should consider trying essential oils. Literally, these remedies can alleviate issues ranging from mild skin sensitivities to more complex issues like cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions. The key is to always use therapeutic grade oils, so they are in their purest form and are safe for consumption.

I look forward to sharing more of my favourite oils with you throughout the month and hope that you’ll join me in improving your health naturally with essential oils.

Have you tried essential oils yet? What is your favourite essential oil for your health concerns?