How To Make Exercise A Daily Habit As A Mom

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t always loved to exercise.

In fact, there are still some days when I don’t love to exercise.

So how do I get over myself and get a little calorie burn in even when I don’t feel like?

Well, I’ve made exercise a habit, so if I don’t get my exercise in for any given day, I feel like I’ve forgotten to do something. And generally, that feeling is enough to motivate me to get up and move it!

I haven’t always been that way, though.

It took time to make daily exercise a habit, and here is what really helped.


1. Schedule a Time

Especially if you are a really busy person, scheduling a time to exercise makes all the difference.

If you are really committed to making exercise a continuing habit, schedule a time for your daily workout just like you would an appointment.


2. Find Something You Enjoy

I’ve never been able to stick to a workout routine I didn’t enjoy for very long.

So one of the keys to me being able to establish and maintain my habit of daily exercise is choosing something that I enjoy.

Whether that is walking, doing a workout video, or heading to the gym, just get your structured workout time every day and make it something that you look forward to.


3. Don’t Go It Alone

Finding an accountability partner or just someone to exercise with you is another essential to sticking to a healthy lifestyle.

My sister and I regularly check in with one another to encourage one another to keep on the regular workout train, and my husband often works out with me.

Having someone to exercise with you makes all the difference of whether you’ll stick to your plan or not.


4. Set a Goal

Whether you’re exercising to lose weight, maintain your weight, reduce your blood pressure… whatever it is, tie you’re habit-forming to a goal.

My goal right now is to exercise daily and to hit my goal of 5 miles walking each day.

I’m doing this because I want to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle throughout my pregnancy.

If you need something more concrete, think about a reward you can achieve when you hit whatever goal it is that you’ve set for yourself.


5. Take It Easy

That seems like the opposite of what I should be saying, doesn’t it?

But the truth is there are going to be days when you just need to do a lighter workout or you need to cut your time short because your body just isn’t feeling up to it. Listen to your body first and do what you need to make your plan work.

If you don’t take it easy when your body needs rest, you’re just going to get burnt out.

If you’re trying to make daily exercise a habit, just remember you can do it!

Use these tips to help and stick to your plan. Your mind and your body will thank you for making this positive lifestyle change.