Save Money On Your Summer Electric Bill

Keeping things cool in the summer easily drives your electric bill up.

That paired with spending extra time at home and using more of your electronics and other appliances, you likely see a significant increase on your summer electric bill.

While I can’t say that you can just cut back and save all of that added expense, there are a few simple things you can do to save some money even during the summer.

So if you want to stay cool without spending an arm and a leg on energy costs, try a few of these tips!


Five Easy Ways to Save Money on Summer Electric Costs

Stay cool and still give your budget a break with these simple ways to save money on summer electric!

1. Unplug Your Appliances

We save money on our energy costs year-round by unplugging things, so this strategy obviously applies during the summer. Anything that you’re not using that you can easily unplug, do so and watch your savings add up. We unplug our computers, television system, and even our washer and dryer when we’re not using them.

2. Regulate Sun Exposure

The sun radiates heat into your home, so if you can regulate it successfully, you may be able to save on your cooling costs. We like to do this by using blinds as well as curtains. During the sunniest times of the day, we adjust the blinds and curtains so that less sun permeates the room, keeping the whole house cooler.

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

By adjusting your thermostat by 2 to 3 degrees you can save anywhere from 5 to 15 per cent. Consider setting your thermostat just one or two degrees higher all day long and an additional degree or two during the night when it is cooler. Keep your thermostat adjusted throughout the summer, and you’ll be able to save money all season long.

4. Leave the Lights Off

With as bright as the summer is, you really don’t need any additional lights in your home. Especially throughout the day, you can save money by leaving the lights off. Likewise, keep light usage to a minimum at night, and you’ll save even more.

5. Use a Fan

Fans use significantly less electricity than an AC unit. Use fans to cool your home and set your thermostat back even more.