Simple Ways To Show Your Spouse You Care

It’s easy to take your spouse for granted.

Even in just a few short years of marriage, my husband and I have been through several seasons – seasons that involved a lot of busyness. One of our biggest takeaways as a couple was that we needed to do things together and for one another that show we still care for each other.

So, what can you do to show your spouse you care and keep the romance alive? For us, it’s all about the simple things, so here are a few of our favorites.

Tips for Showing Your Spouse You Care

1. Write Daily Notes

I know it seems simple, but I write my husband a note in his lunch every day. And very few days go by that I don’t get a text right around lunch time thanking me for the note I left him.

It’s just a simple reminder that I love him and value him every single day.

2. Complete a Chore

I love it when my husband does something unexpected for me, like taking out the trash, putting clothes away, or anything else without my having to ask.

3. Plan Time Together

Quality time is another one of my love languages, so when my husband plans some special time together for us, it speaks to my heart.

Whether it is planning a picnic or an elaborate date, I just love when my guy plans time together for us.

4. Complete a Project

I realize this might not be everyone’s preference; however, creating something together is a great way to keep the spark alive. We’ve made lots of things together, including several pieces of furniture.

The memories of those times that we’ve spent together are ones that we’ll have forever.

5. Say “I Love You”

I recently had the opportunity to spend time with my neighbor, a man who was married to his wife for 40+ years. The one thing he told me was you can never say “I love you” too much because there’ll come a day when you won’t get to anymore. (His wife passed 5 years ago.) Always say “I love you.”

6. Read a Book Together

Reading a book together is a great way to invest in your marriage.

We’ve read several devotionals together, and they are always a good way to reconnect and invest in one another and the marriage.

A few of our favorites are iMarriage, Financial Peace University, and The 5 Love Languages.

If we let ourselves, we can pretty easily let ourselves get in a habit or routine with our relationships. Doing little things with and for our spouses is the best way to keep the spark alive.

Even simple, small gestures can be incredible for your romance and marriage.