What To Do When You’ve Eaten Too Much Sugar

We’ve all been there.

Whether it was a holiday cookie exchange, the annual office Christmas party, or just baking cookies at home, you’ve consumed a little too much sugar and you’re left feeling bloated, sluggish, unfocused.

This used to be a constant state for me during the holiday season until recently.

Along with a renewed sense of self-control, I’ve also developed a key strategy for detoxing when I’ve consumed too much sugar.

If you’re feeling a little blah from having sampled too many Christmas cookies or enjoying any other sugar-laden delicacies, I encourage you to follow my tips.

I use these strategies during the holidays (and all year long) to rid my body of excess sugar and get back to feeling my best, and you can too!


Tips for getting over a “sugar binge”

Let’s get things straight, first.

The occasional overindulgence won’t completely sabotage your health efforts although it may make you feel like it has, which is why I find it so important to use these methods to get over that post-sugar binge feeling.

 1. Drink more water

I’ve mentioned before that water is one of my go-to strategies for increasing health and warding off the effects of unhealthy eating.

The same is true for having consumed additional sugar.

The extra water helps filter your blood and reduces the bloat you feel from the added sugar in your system.

Plus, it just reminds me how much good I’m doing my body.

 2. Eat balanced meals

It can be tempting to just skip meals immediately following your overconsumption. (Been there. Done that.)

Don’t do it!

Skipping meals will actually just leave your vulnerable to another binge later.

Instead, wait until your body actually feels hungry and then eat a balanced meal to regulate digestion and stabilize your glucose levels.

Look for meals that have a lean protein and complex carbohydrates for the best results.

 3. Exercise

The best way to rid your body of a buildup of excess sugar is to get active.

Whether it’s going for a walk, jogging, or heading to the gym, increase your activity level, and you’ll get rid of the excess sugar and calories.

Getting back into my workout routine helps me remember my focus on my health goals and reminds me not to succumb to my sweet tooth again.

 4. Use cinnamon extract

If the other options aren’t cutting it, try adding a little cinnamon to your efforts.

Cinnamon has been shown to increase your body’s ability to process carbohydrates, so upping your intake of the spice following heavy sugar intake helps reduce the added carbs in your system.

I like adding a few drops of cinnamon bark essential oil to a veggie capsule to get the added dosage without overdoing on the spice itself.

Just remember that even if you’ve overdone it on sugar, you can get right back to your health goals by drinking water, eating balanced meals, exercising, and supplementing with cinnamon extract.

Don’t let one slip up or splurge sabotage your efforts altogether.

How do you get over a sugar binge?

What do you do when you’ve eaten too much sugar?