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Being a mom is the most important, but hardest job in the world.

Once you master something– like finding a comfy sleep position when you’re pregnant, giving your slippery newborn a bath, or dealing with toddler meltdowns– you move on to the next stage with really no idea how to handle what’s to come.

Things you thought would come naturally like breastfeeding and getting your baby to fall asleep often don’t.

And then there’s figuring out how to balance parenting with everything else– working, feeding your family (and finding meals your toddler will actually eat) and trying to stay connected to your spouse who’s also feeling a little crazed, too. It’s the ultimate crash course.

Simply put: Becoming a parent is overwhelming.

Mommy Crib Notes helps women have less stress and more joy at every stage of parenthood.

The advice you read here can help with decisions like if you should find out your baby’s gender or share your baby’s name?

Plus, there are pointers to help you deal with the next stage of parenting like secrets to make life with a newborn easier.

Motherhood is a trip (the biggest adventure ever!). You’re not going to be perfect. Sometimes, you’re not even going to be close. But with the crazy-fierce love that motherhood brings, you’ll figure out how to parent the just-right way for you and your family.

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