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The best wooden toddler puzzles for fun and development

Keeping a toddler entertained… not always the easiest task, is it?

Especially on those rainy days when it’s not feasible to go to the park or play outside.

How do you occupy their active little minds without giving in to screen time for an entire day? Toddler puzzles!

Your toddler may think it’s just a game, but puzzles are fantastic learning tools.

Puzzles can help strengthen your little one’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape recognition, memory, problem-solving, and more (source).

And wooden toddler puzzles are even better as they’re much more durable than paperboard puzzles.

Finding the best toddler wooden puzzles

While there are plenty of toddler puzzles to choose from, we only want the best. Here are a few questions to consider before purchasing:

  • Are they age appropriate?
  • Do they have easy-to-grasp puzzle pieces?
  • Are the colors vibrant?
  • Are they durable?
  • How are the reviews?
  • What materials are they made from? Try to look for non-toxic!

Here are our top picks.

Wooden puzzles for 2-year-olds and up

1. GYBBER & MUMU Wooden Colorful Shape Puzzle

  • Includes 9 geometric shapes to help you toddler start recognizing colors
  • Free of lead, BPA, and phthalates
  • Ideal for 12 months and up

2. Top Bright Wooden Numbers Puzzle

  • Brightly colored chunky puzzle pieces
  • Painted with non-toxic water-based paint
  • Practice counting and number recognition

3. Top Bright Wooden Alphabet Set (Plus Numbers Puzzle)

  • Letter and color recognition
  • Improve phonemic awareness
  • Made with non-toxic paint
  • Set of two puzzles (numbers plus alphabet)

4. Dreampark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

  • 8 different patterns
  • Improve problem-solving skills and more
  • Vibrant colors and cute animals

5. Melissa & Doug World of Animals Wooden Peg Puzzles

  • Perfect for animal lovers (Includes pet, farm, and safari animals)
  • Easy-to-grasp pegged puzzle pieces
  • Great for fine motor skill development

6. Blippi Chunky Puzzle Pack

  • Themes included: dinosaurs, zoo animals, and construction vehicles
  • Made with non-toxic paint
  • Easy-to-grasp chunky puzzle pieces

7. Melissa & Doug Vehicles Wooden Peg Puzzle

  • Perfect for the 2-year-olds who loves all things cars!
  • Pegged puzzle pieces for little hands
  • Full-color matching pictures underneath

8. Melissa & Doug Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle

  • Yes– A Disney wooden puzzle for toddlers!
  • Extra thick puzzle pieces
  • Matching Disney characters underneath

Wooden puzzles for 3-year-olds and up

Toddler puzzles for 3-year-olds can be slightly more advanced. Think more letters, numbers, and problem-solving.

9. Fat Brain Toys Wooden Personalized Name Puzzle

  • Learn to recognize and spell their own name
  • Great for improving fine motor skills
  • Vibrant colors toddlers will love!

10. Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Peg Puzzles

  • Colorful pegged pieces
  • Practice the alphabet, counting, and naming colors
  • Matching graphics underneath

11. Wooden Snake Jigsaw Puzzle

  • A slightly more advanced wooden puzzle for 3-year-olds
  • Great for alphabet awareness and problem-solving
  • Also helps kids develop matching skills

12. Melissa & Doug Farm Wooden Cube Puzzle

  • Six puzzles in one (16 cubes with 6 farm animals)
  • Perfect for developing strong problem-solving skills
  • Sturdy and high quality

The best wooden puzzles for toddlers – Our top picks!