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11 Best Self Care Ideas for Moms

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It’s true – busy Moms tend to put everyone else’s needs before theirs. You’ve heard the platitudes a hundred times: you can’t pour from an empty cup, put your own oxygen mask on first, etc.

But what can you realistically do to show yourself some love, Mama? And why is it SO important?

By taking time for your own needs and self-care, you’ll be a better parent. We all want to be the best Moms we can be, and that starts by putting yourself number one.

Why? So then you’ll have the energy and headspace to give to everyone else.

To help you take better care of yourself, here are some of my favorite self-care ideas for Moms:

1. Prioritize Sleep

Getting enough sleep is easier said than done. It’s the holy grail, especially for new mothers. But sleep deprivation is literally a torture technique, and it makes such a difference to everything when you get more rather than less. (I won’t say “enough” sleep because, let’s be realistic here!) 

Make time to catch up on sleep, even if it means napping in the day when your child does. Check off the absolute essentials from your to-do list and leave the rest.

2. Get Outside

Make time to go outside every day. It makes such an incredible difference to your mental health, especially if you have a newborn. You don’t have to do anything fancy; just a walk around the neighborhood or a visit to the supermarket is enough.

Try and make this part of your daily routine and both you and your child will look forward to it. It can take forever to get out the door with a young baby or toddler. But it’s worth persevering to get some fresh air, even if it takes until 4 pm. 

3. Eat Well

Again, easier said than done when you’re rushing around with a busy schedule. But, like sleep, eating well does impact your mental health and general energy levels, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

If you’re struggling to carve out enough time to make nutritious food for yourself and your family, enlist some help. Ask friends and family to lend a hand. Often, they ask, and we don’t like to impose. So stop being polite and accept the assistance.

Alternatively, take advantage of the various meal-prepping and delivery services. Or schedule time to batch-cook some easy favourites that can go in the freezer for other days.

Remember, your own health is important. You’re worth taking the time to eat properly instead of lunch being the leftover scraps from your toddler’s plate.

4. Exercise – even just a little

Fitting in physical activity might seem like one more challenge, but it can make life more manageable.

You don’t need to go crazy or do anything wildly strenuous. In fact, if you’re a new mom, it’s best to take baby steps with your healthcare provider’s support. But the endorphins released when you walk around the local park or do some vigorous housework can help you stay in a positive mood and take care of your body.

For social support, combine exercise with getting out and meeting other moms. Look for local mom and baby yoga or exercise classes, and you might end up with a new friend group, too. 

Alternatively, find a gym with childcare facilities and have a little alone time while you work on your physical health.

self care ideas for moms

5. Read a Book

This might feel frivolous when there’s so much else to be done, but ditch the mom guilt. You deserve quiet time to yourself, and getting lost in a good book is a great way to clear your mind.

Discover your local library and use it as an excuse to get out and about. They often have activities for young kids where you can meet other parents, too.

6. Meditate

Deep breathing alone is helpful when you’re feeling stressed from the demands of motherhood. But taking a few minutes out of daily life for some mindful meditation will have a big impact on your mental capacity, especially if you’re lacking sleep. Download a meditation app or find something on YouTube that resonates.

7. Take a Social Media Break

Social media is a lifeline for stay-at-home moms, but it’s a double-edged sword. Support groups can be a breeding ground for comparisonitis. If your confidence is being chipped away for not being the perfect mom, take a little time away.

8. Enjoy a Hobby

Make time for a hobby. It doesn’t need to be crafty, but that’s an easy thing to do at home and doesn’t need to be expensive. I find crafting absorbing, almost meditative so it can be a fun way to switch off.

9. Treat Yourself

I bet you’ve lost track of all the things you’ve bought for your kids. But when was the last time you bought something nice for yourself? Whether you go all out on a shopping spree or simply replace a favorite piece of make-up, it’s good to spend money on your own needs.

10. Enjoy a Spa Day

Going to the spa is a great way to switch off. No phone calls, no one demanding your attention, a quiet, darkened room to relax in…sounds like bliss! If a whole day away is too much, an hour-long escape with a massage therapist working out the knots in your shoulders can still work wonders.

11. Have a “Date” Night

The exhaustion of being new parents is real. But it’s important to remember who you are away from your role as Mom. Make time for a regular-ish date night to get dressed up, do your hair and go out without your little one. You might miss them, but spending a few hours in adult mode, having real conversations and doing things you enjoyed pre-kids can be restorative.

If you’re a single parent, make a date with your best friend or a family member instead.

Get Support

The importance of self-care for new moms can’t be understated. Sometimes, it’s bubble baths and spa days.

But, sometimes, it’s accepting the help that’s offered and speaking up when you need support. Take care, Mama, being your best self matters!

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What’s your best self care tip for Moms?

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self care tips for moms