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5 Quick Tricks To Look Rested as a New Mom (When You’re Anything But)

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Let’s be honest– Life with a newborn is hard at times.

(Although, if you want to make it easier, read my post on how to make life with a newborn easier.)

It turns you into a crying face zombie who can barely crack an eyelid before downing an entire pot of coffee (decaf, if you’re nursing).

And even after you get all braggy about your kid sleeping through the entire night, you’ll be sideswiped by a phase of teething that makes your precious fuss during ungodly hours.

And then there are the growth spurts where your child needs so many night feedings.

While functioning on minimal sleep is a survival skill every new mom learns, feeling good (shoot, even decent) is another story.

When you’re so over feeling inferior, try these stupid easy tricks to re-energize yourself enough to finally change out of those spit up covered yoga pants and maybe even meet up with a friend.

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5 Quick tricks for exhausted new moms

1. Wash your hair

It’s no joke. Showering and shaving your legs, let alone blow-drying your hair when your mini me has you on call 24/7 can seem impossible.

But nothing in the world makes you feel brand new like a hot shower.

So, here’s how you get it done:

Do it when your kiddo is safely asleep for the night or your partner is around to take over.

That way, you can take as long as you like and not have to stress about your baby waking up in 15 minutes (that’s not a real nap!) or throwing a gangster fit after two seconds in the bouncy seat.

If the real thing just isn’t going to happen because… colic and such– Dry shampoo is the next best thing.

2. Fake it until you don’t have to anymore

The telltale sign you’ve been up all night are those dark circles under your eyes. Seriously, they’re like half moons.

The good news: You’re a lady, and it’s perfectly acceptable to slather an extra layer of concealer on those bad boys.

If you still look haunted, put on a bright top (preferably pink) to give your face some healthy color. (Blush works, too.)

3. Look like you made an effort

I’m not talking about dropped-a-wad-at-Nordstrom level effort, but a step above the crusty nursing tank and greasy ponytail (see trick #1 above) that you’ve been wearing for how many days?

Jeans and a cute nursing top will do. And while you’re at it, throw on a headband or some boho bobby pins.

4. Cat nap like crazy

Listen: It’s not even worth trying to fight nodding off when your eyelids refuse to stay open or your head keeps doing that annoying slumping-down-then-jerking-up thing.

You. Are. Exhausted. There’s a reason that wise, wise moms tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps.

If you follow this advice, you’ll feel 57% better than the rest of us who don’t listen when we should.

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5. Pause the baby talk

Admit it, you need grown-up conversation.

Talking in your cute-but-silly baby voice all day gets old after a while.

Being a new mom right now can feel especially lonely since we’re all being urged to stay at home as much as possible.

Picking up the phone– not to browse social media– but to call your mom, grandparent, or a friend does wonders for a mild case of mom brain.

Look, it’s impossible to feel 100% yourself when you’ve only had a couple of hours of sleep.

But pulling yourself together a bit and a nice conversation can be a huge mood booster!

Pin these quick tricks for exhausted moms for later!

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