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How to Keep Baby Warm and Comfy at Night

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Keeping baby warm and comfortable at night is an art form.

Dress your little one too lightly, and he’ll fuss all night.

But lots of heavy layers can make your baby too hot.

The most challenging seasons are spring and fall when the weather fluctuates between warm sunny days and cool, crisp nights.

When I put my baby and my toddler down to sleep at night (between 6 and 8 pm), it can be 70+ degrees in the house.

But if I dress my child for that temperature, halfway through the night, her fingers and toes are frigid and her legs too cool.

Through trial and error, and feeling waaaay too guilty over cold baby toes, I’ve come up with a three-step formula that helps kids stay cozy and comfy all night long.

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How do I keep my baby warm at night?

Here are my top 3 tips– what I like to call my “3-step formula.”

1. Fresh diaper, legless onesie, and knee-high socks

Make sure your little one has on a fresh diaper with lots of diaper cream to protect those delicate cheeks.

Then add a short or long-sleeved onesie (the kind that only covers the bum, not the legs) and socks.

The socks should be pulled up to reach the knee.

(Toddlers can wear a short-sleeve shirt and a pair of thick cotton tights or leggings and socks.)

2. Sleep sack blanket alternative (fleece or cotton)

Layer on a blanket sleeper like a SleepSack in fleece for cold nights or cotton for warmer nights.

These lifesavers are a safe substitute for loose blankets, which you shouldn’t use because they could end up over your baby’s face and make it difficult for your little one to breathe.

The blanket sleepers come in long sleeve and no sleeve varieties, and you can get them in different sizes too.

Another great thing about them is that they zip from the bottom up. During middle-of-the-night diaper changes, you won’t have to fumble around with a zillion buttons.

(For toddlers who fling the covers off, use a one-piece footie pajama in a warm fabric.)

3. White noise for comfort

You can also try using a white noise machine in your baby’s room. While it won’t directly keep your baby warm, it can be helpful for comforting a fussy baby.

Sound machines are also great because they help block out loud noises that may startle your baby and prevent them from nodding off.

While there are plenty of simple white noise machines on the market, it may be worth it to choose one with a few extra features (such as the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine) that your baby will use when they get a little older too.

For example, you can set this one to light up green when it’s time for your child to wake up in the mornings. Parents love this feature because it’s a fun way to let their toddlers know when it’s time to wake up.

How to keep baby warm at night– It’s an art form.

If you try this formula, I hope it makes a difference in how your baby feels to the touch during the night and in the morning.

Remember to always stay up-to-date with the safe sleep recommendations.

Doing all you can to ensure your little one is getting good sleep makes it more likely that you (and the rest of the family) will feel rested come morning too.

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How to keep your baby warm at night