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10 Reasons You’ll Miss Being Pregnant

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When you’ve got a major case of nausea, sciatica pain, or hemorrhoids and your feet are so swollen they can’t fit into your regular shoes anymore, it’s hard to imagine there’s anything you’re going to miss about being pregnant.

And while some women have terrible pregnancies, for the majority of us, the discomfort comes and goes and we get some really wonderful things in return too.

Things you probably haven’t appreciated, but should.

Because pregnancy goes by so fast (just like childhood!) and, before you know it, you’ll be contemplating vasectomies and closing the door on your childbearing years.

So, when you’re feeling like you can’t handle one more day of constant peeing or your back aching or your spouse having no clue what you’re really going through, read through this list to remember a few of the little things you will miss once you’re no longer pregnant!

10 Reasons you’ll miss being pregnant

Elastic waistbands

When you are pregnant, your sense of style is likely a little different than it was before.

Regardless of what your preference is, there will be some clothing items (like jeans) where either the waistband or the fabric won’t fit over your belly no matter how hard you try. And even if they do happen to go on properly, chances are good that after an hour or two they’ll start feeling really tight!

You’ll miss those elastic waistbands being the solution to all of your wardrobe discomforts!

Checking out your bump every time you walk by a mirror

Every. Single. Time.

Whether you are 3 months pregnant or 9 months pregnant, for some reason, we all do this! Sometimes even multiple times per day.

You will miss stopping to admire your growing bump every time you walk past a mirror.

Checking your app every week to see how big baby has gotten

And sometimes multiple times each week. Am I right?

Once you found out you were expecting, I’m sure one of the first things you did was download a pregnancy app to keep up with your baby’s growth.

You will miss seeing your baby grow from the size of a tiny shrimp into the size of a pumpkin!

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time

The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat is a momentous occasion.

You will miss everything about this! The excitement you feel as you’re waiting for them to find the heartbeat. And once you finally hear it– That surge of love you can’t help but feel for this tiny being that you created.

Seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time

Seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time is incredible.

It will be a moment you’ll never forget because it’s such an emotional experience–and one of many reasons why you’re going to miss being pregnant.

Feeling your baby move for the first time inside your belly

This is the most amazing feeling. A little weird at first– but amazing, nonetheless.

It’s such a special bonding moment between you and your baby.

And once they start to move more, it’s hard not to get excited every time something happens inside there!

Seeing your baby move across your belly

You’ll miss relaxing on the couch or in bed and feeling (and seeing!) your baby push your belly out or even move across your belly like a shark moving its way through the Pacific.

And then quickly trying to get your partner’s attention before they miss out on the action.

Hearing everyone’s dramatic labor stories (even the horror ones!)

The labor stories never get old– especially when you’re expecting.

You may not think so, but you will the late night binging on these stories– even the not-so-good ones.

Having a good excuse to redecorate an entire room

From choosing the perfect theme to picking out colors, patterns, and furniture– Planning and decorating your baby’s nursery when you’re pregnant is a lot of fun.

You’ll miss digging around the net and Pinterest boards for inspiration and getting everything all neat and organized before baby arrives!

The bonding experience with your partner

From going back and forth endlessly to choose the perfect baby name to chasing down your partner every time the baby kicks, you’ll also miss those special bonding moments with your partner.

Having someone by your side who is just as excited as you are to meet your new baby is one of the best feelings in the world!

If you’re a mom or dad-to-be, try to soak up every ounce of it now while you can!

Because, no matter how tough being pregnant might get, you’ll absolutely miss those days once they’re gone– At least some parts of them!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip

Tuesday 18th of January 2011

I miss being pregnant mostly because of number 10. I just loved the feeling of expectation and love I had while pregnant. On the other hand, I had a lot of reasons why I didn't enjoy pregnancy so much. Getting super fat was one of them. Its so unfair that our bodies have to take the fall. Why can't human men be like seahorses and carry the babies, at least half of the time?


Monday 17th of January 2011

Marjnhomer - you're a woman after my own uterus!

parenting ad absurdum

Monday 17th of January 2011

Maternity clothes - there are some cute ones! And the kicking!


Thursday 13th of January 2011

i was pregnant in 06, 07, skipped 08 and was really hard..made it through 10 too with some scares. lets see how '11 goes.


Thursday 13th of January 2011

I know Mandy, doesn't it just feel all nostalgic and yearning? I completely agree that an awesome benefit of being pregnant is not worrying about wearing tight tops. It has been the only time in my life where I wanted to show off my tummy. Plus, I think the pregnancy bump is THE best accessory ever!