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5 Must-Haves for Morning Sickness Relief During Pregnancy

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I’m now well past the first trimester, but that doesn’t mean I forget the all-too-familiar feeling of constant nausea that was present throughout the beginning of my pregnancy.

While I didn’t have any actual sickness in my first trimester, I definitely felt nausea, and at times it seemed nearly debilitating.

So I did as I usually do and started troubleshooting to find what worked to make me feel better.

While I won’t promise that these things will work for you, they were certainly must-haves in my first trimester.

I bet if you give them a try they might just help you, too.

Why do you get morning sickness during pregnancy anyway?

At least 70% of pregnant woman experience some level of morning sickness in the first trimester of pregnancy (source).

While experts aren’t completely sure why, it may be due to low blood sugar or an increase in pregnancy hormones.

5 Things to help with morning sickness

1. Ginger Ale

I’m not much of a soda drinker; however, ginger ale was a must for me during those first few months.

I liked mine well-chilled.

The tart ginger helped calm my stomach and even made it easier to deal with aggressive smells.

Not a fan of ginger ale? You might like these ginger tummy drops instead.

2. Peppermints

Peppermints were a standard for me during the first trimester.

The minty refreshment is something I can remember my mom giving to me as a child with an upset stomach, so it was natural for me to turn to these during pregnancy, too.

And it worked!

The combination of the mint and having something soothing to keep in my mouth made all the difference.

3. Snacks

Regular snacking definitely helped keep my nausea at bay, too.

I gathered several items that I wouldn’t normally eat to keep on hand for small snacks to settle my stomach.

A few of my favorites were plain crackers, clementines (the easy-to-peel ones), and salty pistachios.

Keeping food on my stomach, helped it remain settled and enabled me to avoid actual sickness.

4. Water

I don’t know that this one actually helped with nausea, but it definitely helped me feel better in the early days.

Staying hydrated was key for helping me keep my energy up, avoiding headaches, and just feeling good in general.

5. Sleep

And lots of it!

I don’t know how many people told me to take advantage of the extra rest while I could, but I finally started listening to them.

Whether it was a morning, afternoon, or even an evening nap, I made sure to get a little extra sleep most days, especially if I was feeling more nauseous.

I know that’s not as easy as an option for everyone, but it definitely makes a difference.

Bonus tips for surviving morning sickness

In addition to these morning sickness must-haves, here are few tips that also helped me during my pregnancies:

  • If your prenatal vitamin makes you feel sick, try taking it in the evenings instead of morning.
  • Avoid triggering scents. If the smell of peanut butter makes you nauseous, avoid peanut butter at all costs!
  • Keep snacks by your bed. Sometimes it helps to take a few bites before you get out of bed. This worked like a charm with my first pregnancy.
  • Invest in a good water bottle and take it everywhere you go! It will make it much easier to stay hydrated.

Thankfully, morning sickness doesn’t last forever

If you’re in the early stages of your pregnancy and dealing with morning sickness or just nausea (all day long), these tips should help.

I literally couldn’t have survived my first trimester without these 5 things.

Take heart and know that for most expecting mamas, nausea and sickness does subside.

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